How personal trainers can improve their client's motivation levels

One of the hallmarks of a successful personal trainer is their ability to increase their client’s motivation levels. As you already know, motivation plays a huge role in keeping your clients committed to their fitness goals. Without it, they may not achieve the results they’re looking fo or in worse cases, they may eventually quit.

Like many personal trainers in Warnbro, you may have experienced working with a client that lacked motivation. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 tips that will not only help keep your clients motivated, but also dedicated to their workouts.

  1. Use social media to boost their motivation levels

The great thing about social media is that it allows for quick and instant communication between you and your clients. Talk to your clients and let them know you’re a message away when they need help or advice. You can also share motivational messages, create an online support group, and even set reminders on their meal preps or workouts. With social media, possibilities are endless. It’s likely that your clients use social media on a regular basis which opens up opportunities for you to motivate them.

  1. Set fitness challenges

Many successful personal trainers incorporate fitness challenges as part of their workout programs. Why? Because it gives their clients something to aim for. When you create a list of defined goals, it makes it easier for your clients to track their progress. As they check off each of these goals, they become more and more motivated to complete the harder challenges. By breaking down your client’s goals into bite-sized pieces, they can focus more on the task at hand.

  1. Make use of personal training apps

There are plenty of online personal training apps available today which give your clients the resources they need for their workouts. Such apps are a simple, powerful, and effective tool to keep your clients motivated. For example, apps like Map My Fitness allow users to track their progress and monitor their performance with stats like pace, distance duration, workout duration, and more.

  1. Instill a positive mindset

Each client responds differently to how you approach their training. Some clients prefer the hard-nosed attitude while others lean more towards a patient and positive approach. Regardless of your coaching style, you want to instill a positive mindset into your clients. Correct their mistakes, but do so in an enlightening manner.

Trying to belittle or undermine your client’s progress will only affect their confidence and cause their motivation levels to plummet. Make them a believer of the “you can do it!” motto and watch them transform into the best version of themselves.

  1. Set realistic goals

A good personal trainer knows how important it is to set realistic goals. They teach their clients that before they can climb a mountain, they must conquer a hill first. Make sure to set goals that both you and your clients can achieve together. Talk to them about what they want to achieve and turn them into measurable milestones.

When they reach a certain milestone, show them their progress. This allows them to reflect on the efforts they’ve made to get to where they are now. Nothing feels more motivating than seeing actual changes to their physique!

  1. Give rewards

Think of rewards like small presents that you can give to your clients after reaching a certain milestone. Almost everyone likes to receive gifts, right? This can be anything from buying them their favourite comfort food or giving a small trinket as a form of appreciation.

It can feel very satisfying for your clients to have their efforts recognised (not to mention rewarded). When you give rewards, you’re acknowledging the hard work of your clients and this goes a long way towards boosting their motivation levels.

  1. Offer Something New

Variety is the spice of life, as most people would say. This applies to anything fitness related because workouts can become quite repetitive. Over time, your clients may get bored of doing the same thing over and over again so why not try something new and throw in a couple of new exercises into their routine?

For example, if their primary workouts consist of bodyweight movements, you can incorporate some free weight exercises along with anaerobic training to keep things interesting. On top of that, you can also group your clients in pairs and have them work out together sort of like a fitness buddy. Think out of the box and offer something new to your clients to keep them motivated.

Key Takeaways

All of these tips share the same elements of challenge, reward, and communication. By incorporating these elements into your personal training, you will find it easier to raise the motivation levels of your clients.

Understand that motivation is something your clients have to build over time. As a trainer, your role is to help them build their motivation and become more confident in themselves.

There will be days where they will falter, but do not be quick to point out their failures. Make sure to follow these tips so you and your clients can benefit from increased motivation.

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