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  • How personal trainers can improve their client's motivation levels

    One of the hallmarks of a successful personal trainer is their ability to increase their client’s motivation levels. As you already know, motivation plays a huge role in keeping your clients committed to their fitness goals. Without it, they may not achieve the results they’re looking fo or in worse cases, they may eventually quit. Like many personal trainers in Warnbro, you may have experienced working with a client that lacked motivation. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 tips that will not only help keep your clients motivated, but also dedicated to their workouts. Use social media to boost their motivation levels The great thing about social media is that it allows for quick and instant communication between you and your clients. Talk to your clients and let them know you’re a message away when they need help or advice. You can also share motivational messages, create an online support group, and even set reminders on their meal preps or workouts. With social media, possibilities are endless. It’s likely that your clients use social media on a regular basis which opens up opportunities for you to motivate them. Set fitness challenges Many successful personal trainers incorporate fitness challenges as part of their workout programs. Why? Because it gives their clients something to aim for. When you create a list of defined goals, it makes it easier for your clients to track their progress. As they check off each of these goals, they become more and more motivated to complete the harder challenges. By breaking down your client’s goals into bite-sized pieces, they can focus more on the task at hand. Make use of personal training apps There are plenty of online personal training apps available today which give your clients the resources they need for their workouts. Such apps are a simple, powerful, and effective tool to keep your clients motivated. For example, apps like Map My Fitness allow users to track their progress and monitor their performance with stats like pace, distance duration, workout duration, and more. Instill a positive mindset Each client responds differently to how you approach their training. Some clients prefer the hard-nosed attitude while others lean more towards a patient and positive approach. Regardless of your coaching style, you want to instill a positive mindset into your clients. Correct their mistakes, but do so in an enlightening manner. Trying to belittle or undermine your client’s progress will only affect their confidence and cause their motivation levels to plummet. Make them a believer of the “you can do it!” motto and watch them transform into the best version of themselves. Set realistic goals A good personal trainer knows how important it is to set realistic goals. They teach their clients that before they can climb a mountain, they must conquer a hill first. Make sure to set goals that both you and your clients can achieve together. Talk to them about what they want to achieve and turn them into measurable milestones. When they reach a certain milestone, show them their progress. This allows them to reflect on the efforts they’ve made to get to where they are now. Nothing feels more motivating than seeing actual changes to their physique! Give rewards Think of rewards like small presents that you can give to your clients after reaching a certain milestone. Almost everyone likes to receive gifts, right? This can be anything from buying them their favourite comfort food or giving a small trinket as a form of appreciation. It can feel very satisfying for your clients to have their efforts recognised (not to mention rewarded). When you give rewards, you’re acknowledging the hard work of your clients and this goes a long way towards boosting their motivation levels. Offer Something New Variety is the spice of life, as most people would say. This applies to anything fitness related because workouts can become quite repetitive. Over time, your clients may get bored of doing the same thing over and over again so why not try something new and throw in a couple of new exercises into their routine? For example, if their primary workouts consist of bodyweight movements, you can incorporate some free weight exercises along with anaerobic training to keep things interesting. On top of that, you can also group your clients in pairs and have them work out together sort of like a fitness buddy. Think out of the box and offer something new to your clients to keep them motivated. Key Takeaways All of these tips share the same elements of challenge, reward, and communication. By incorporating these elements into your personal training, you will find it easier to raise the motivation levels of your clients. Understand that motivation is something your clients have to build over time. As a trainer, your role is to help them build their motivation and become more confident in themselves. There will be days where they will falter, but do not be quick to point out their failures. Make sure to follow these tips so you and your clients can benefit from increased motivation.

  • How to choose a personal trainer

    So you’ve decided to take the next step on your fitness journey and work with a professional who can help you reach your health and wellness goals. Not only does having the support of a personal trainer keep you more motivated and accountable when it comes to weekly workouts, but he or she can also play a role in helping you maximize your time at the gym, prevent injury and see more consistent results. But there’s a fine line between making a sound investment in your future fitness success and simply throwing money out the window on something that doesn’t work. The difference? Knowing how to choose the right person who will help you set the correct goals to achieve your desired results. Therefore, it’s crucial to do your due diligence as you go about choosing a trainer; all it takes is a little legwork to determine whether or not someone will be a good fit for your needs. After all, it’s called “personal” training for a reason — working closely together creates a bond that will help you to stay engaged and motivated throughout the process. Before we start, if you’re looking for a Warnbro personal trainer or Rockingham personal trainer you can contact Nicole Taylor today. Ask for References Ask the trainer for names, phone numbers and even testimonials of other clients he or she has worked with that share traits and goals that are similar to yours. It makes sense to select a trainer who has worked with clients similar to you or perhaps matches your physical traits (e.g., age and body type). This allows the trainer to empathize and understand your unique challenges and needs. Call previous clients to see if they were satisfied with the workouts, results and experiences they had with the trainer. Inquire whether the trainer was professional, punctual and prepared, and whether each of them felt his or her individual needs were addressed. Ask fellow members of your health club or friends who are currently working with trainers for their recommendations. Talk to the Trainer Developing a personal, yet professional, relationship with your personal trainer is very important. Trust your instincts about the impressions the trainer makes upon you. The personal trainer you select should motivate you by positive, not negative, reinforcement. Even more important, that trainer should be someone you like. Ask yourself if you think you could get along well with the trainer and whether you think the trainer is genuinely interested in helping you. The personal trainer who best measures up is the one to hire, because that is the professional who will help you achieve the best results. Working Experience and Area of Specialization Inquire about the years of experience a trainer has working with clients. More importantly, ask about the trainer’s expertise working with individuals with your needs or limitations. If you have a medical condition or a past injury, a personal trainer should design a session that accounts for this. If you are under a doctor’s care, a personal trainer should gain your consent to discuss exercise concerns with your doctor, and should ask the doctor for a medical clearance. Find Out What the Trainer Charges Rates vary depending on the session length, the trainer’s credentials, experience and expertise, and the geographic location of where he or she works and you live. For example, a personal trainer who works in a fitness club will probably charge less per hour than one who works independently and needs to come to your home or office. Education A University degree in the fields of exercise science or nutrition improves the knowledge and credibility that a trainer has in developing your program, though not having a degree certainly does not preclude a fitness professional from being effective. Liability Insurance and Business Policies Many personal trainers operate as independent contractors and are not employees of a fitness facility. You should find out if the trainer you want to hire carries professional liability insurance. A reputable personal trainer should also make sure that you understand the cancellation policy and billing procedure. The best way to avoid confusion and protect your rights is to have those policies in writing. Compatibility Some people like to exercise in the morning, some in the evening. Will the personal trainer you’re talking to accommodate your schedule? What about the trainer’s gender? Some people do better working with a trainer of the same sex; others prefer the opposite sex. You should consider these and any other personal compatibility concerns you may have before beginning a working relationship with a trainer.

  • Benefits of hiring an online fitness coach

    2021 has finally arrived and everyone has their own version of their New Year’s resolutions. If yours includes being fit and healthy, then you may be looking to hire a fitness coach. Working with a fitness coach can help you achieve your goals faster than if you were to navigate the fitness journey on your own. But with the current situation right now, finding a fitness coach in your area can be quite difficult. The good news is that you can hire a virtual trainer to help you with your newfound objective. With everything being done through the internet nowadays, online fitness coaching has become more prevalent than ever. The question now is, should you hire an online trainer? In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of hiring an online fitness coach so that you can make an informed decision. The benefits of online coaching You may be thinking to yourself, why should you hire a virtual trainer when you can just watch tutorial workouts instead? The difference is that with an online fitness coach, you get expert advice based on your desired results. That can be hard to achieve when you’re following advice that caters to a general audience. But that’s not the only thing that makes online coaching attractive. Here are a couple of reasons why hiring a virtual trainer is a good idea. Flexible schedule – Online training allows you to work out on your own schedule. Whether that’s 9 in the morning or 10 in the evening, you have the freedom to work with your personal trainer virtually at any time you want. The best part is you get to train right at the comforts of your own home. Nutritional advice – Working out is only half the equation. If you truly wish to achieve your fitness goals, then you will need to follow a strict diet. With the help of an online fitness coach, you can create solid meal plans and make lasting changes to your physique. Cost-savings – A single workout session with an in-person trainer can cost you anywhere from $50-100 depending on your location. If you can’t afford to hire a fitness coach, then don’t worry. An online trainer offers incredible value and cost-savings so that you can stay on top of your fitness goals regardless of your budget. Custom-made programs – Whether you want to build muscle or lose body fat, a virtual trainer will create custom workout programs designed to help you achieve your dream physique. They will even make adjustments on things like intensity, duration, and frequency to ensure the workouts are according to your personal preferences. Accountability – This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of hiring an online fitness coach. It can be difficult to stick to your fitness goals if you haven’t established the right mindset and discipline. With online training, your coach holds you accountable and pushes you to become a better version of yourself. In fact, they even require you to send updates so they can track your progress and see meaningful results. What to look for in an online fitness coach When it comes to online training, you will need to pick a coach that knows how to work with you. Make sure to consider the following before you hire a virtual trainer: Experience – The first thing you should look for in a coach is their experience. How long have they worked in the fitness industry? Did their clients go on to have successful transformations? Good coaches are dedicated to their craft and are successful enough to make online coaching their full-time careers. Credentials – With so many “fitness gurus” taking over social media nowadays, finding the right coach can be quite challenging. To filter out the real coaches from the frauds, look for their credentials. Did they study physical education and kinesiology? Do they have sufficient knowledge about workout science? Keep this in mind when hiring a virtual trainer. Coaching style – Do you prefer a coach that’s tough and gritty? Or do you want a coach that’s supportive and understanding? Each person responds differently to a trainer’s coaching style so make sure you’re comfortable with how your coach approaches your workouts. You can get a good feel for their coaching style by reading success stories from their clients. Pay for contact – With online coaching, you want to make sure that you’re paying for your coach’s expertise based on human interaction and not written programs. This means being able to talk to your coach about your struggles, preferences, and adjustments to make your workouts more effective. If all they do is give you a program, then you know they’re just in it for the money. Online fitness coaching is a great way to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions. That said, it’s not a shortcut to achieving your goals. You still have to put in the work and be dedicated to seeing meaningful results. By hiring the right virtual trainer, you will get one step closer to achieve the ultimate physique you’ve been dreaming of.

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